Saturday, December 07, 2019


I am a YUGE fan of Kershaw knives. My high-end fave is Spyderco, but dayum, Kershaw has some great knives for great prices. My current EDC is the Clash. But my brother was concerned about how loud the Clash was opening--what if I found myself in a stealth-forward situation??? So he got me a Natrix. But it's actually pretty loud, too. My favorite overall folding knives of all time are my Spyderco Navigator and my Spyderco Native--both of which my brother got me. And they're quiet. I'm asking for a Yojimbo II for Xmas.wish me luck!
[In case it isn't obvious, I'm too small-time to get any swag from companies. I think I got a power bar once.]


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