Saturday, December 07, 2019

David Frum: America After Trump

Kinda hysterical, but not completely nuts, unfortunately. Which is the thing about Trump, to my mind: I can't with confidence rule out the really crazy possibilities.
   I think--but can't be sure--that Trump is less bad than the Frums of the world make him out to be. And I'm fairly sure that the left is significantly worse than Frum et al. make it out to be. So when I read something like this piece, that goes all the way with the worst Trumpian possibilities, while only halfheartedly sketching some modest criticisms of the other side, it doesn't move me much. The worst thing Frum really has to say about the left is that the next Democratic president might be Trumpian in his use of executive orders.
   Frum's right that the Pubs have  wrecked many important norms that helped sustain the republic. And Trump may very well be irrevocably changing us for the worse. And the God, the deficit... Those are important points. But there's no mention of the radicalization and Orwellianization of the contemporary left. To my mind, that's to paint a dangerously distorted picture--a picture that leaves out the biggest threat on the contemporary scene.


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