Saturday, December 14, 2019

Curry: "The Toxic Rhetoric Of Climate Change"

This use of "toxic" is on the index as far as I'm concerned, along with such ruined words at "problematic"...
But, as usual, I think this, by JC, is pretty good.
I don't really deserve much of an opinion about this stuff. But I do know a think or two about the politicization of science. And my guess is that's what's going on in climatology. Progressivism has itself become hysterical, and at every point where it has an interest in manipulating science, it's been able to do so. For purely "external" reasons, my guess is that the alleged consensus is right where progressives want it largely because that's where they want it. Surely no one thinks that, were the political pressure removed, there would be no effect on reports of the alleged consensus from climate they?
   Oh and: I agree with Curry that this madness is likely causing significant emotional harm. I mean, I doubt that most adults outside of the lowest circles of progressivism really believe it. But I'll bet a fair number of kids do.


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