Sunday, December 29, 2019

Chronicles Of The Orwellian Left: Project Projection Proceeds Apace

I suppose it's to be expected that an Orwellian faction will accuse its opponents of being the Orwellian ones
   My take (FWIW), as I've made clear, is that Trump isn't Orwellian. Not even close, I'd say. He's an ordinary lying, bullshitting politician who has, in many cases turned it up to 11. (At other times, however, what angers his opponent is not that he's lying, but that he's telling the truth...)
   This piece is cringe-inducing, honestly. From dragging Star Wars into it to dragging Boris Johnson into's just...not good. 
   The real error, though, is the complete and total failure to in any way acknowledge the outright, paradigmatic Orwellianism on the left. They just rail about the relative mote in the eye of the right, while...well, you know...
   And as somebody somewhere points out, the emphasis on surveillance isn't that relevant. The surveillance powers of the Orwellian state aren't even that great. Is the political correctness that is most notable--the attempt to control thought by controlling language via Newspeak. Jesus.
   What's amazing is the kind of meta-PC in play. The left has convinced itself that it's not doing what it's doing. And that it's the right that's actually doing it. Are they still running that "there's no such thing as political correctness" line? That was so delusional it was kinda breathtaking, IMO.
   Well, there's no reason to rail against this. Anyone who hasn't recognized what's going on by now probably can't be convinced.


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