Wednesday, December 18, 2019

ACLU Calls For Tampons In Men's Restrooms To Achieve "Menstrual Equity"

Imagine someone saying, ten years ago, that this would be the progressive position in 2019. No one would have believed it. It'd not even be considered a plausible parody of the left. Basically, over the past six years or so, progressives have adopted the very craziest positions they could have adopted at every point along the trajectory of their rapid descent into madness. I really don't think they could have pushed it any further and faster without losing too much support.
   Though...I'm starting to think that there's really nothing they can do to drive their supporters away. You could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and say that night was day and progressives would just nod along. Once you can look straight at Bruce Jenner and solemnly declare him a woman, you can accept basically anything. "Menstrual equity" is just one of the many insane consequences you've tacitly accepted when you accepted that initial insane bit of political dogma.


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