Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Trump Lowers Refugee Cap

I'm inclined to be against this, though I'd need to learn more about it.
   Part of my reason for opposing mass economic illegal immigration is that, were we to get it under control, we could consider taking in more political refugees. Many such programs are plagued by fraud, and progressives basically try to max out every such program while loosening up the restrictions. So maybe that's what the administration is reacting to. But, overall, I tend to be in favor of erring on the side of helping out political refugees. Historically, we've taken in a ton. I'm absolutely open to arguments for cutting back, but I haven't heard any. 100,000/year is a helluva lot, though.
   Anyway, I'd like to hear the arguments. I doubt that we'll get the straight dope from the MSM, but eventually a rationale should emerge. I'm particularly skeptical about cutting down on refugees who helped us out in Iraq.


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