Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Born This Way" Transgender Ideology Is Already On The Way Out

Actually, I think this dude has a somewhat interesting point or two. Being a man still entails being male, as being a woman entails being female. So, y'know, whatever it is he's talking about, it's not being a woman per se...though he might very well be accurately describing some characteristic (or at least common) experiences of being a woman. Sound more than merely consistent with things I've heard actual women say.
   But the most important thing is that the "born in the wrong body" theory/story/"narrative" which we are all expected to make far from the only theory of this stuff. In fact, it's basically the least plausible theory one could realistically dream up. It's not even accepted by all transgenders. And there are accounts other than Chu's. of course.
   Again: the creepiest, most worrisome thing about this whole transgender thing is how easily leftish Americans bent the knee to an obviously insane, but politically correct, falsehood.


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