Friday, September 27, 2019

Warren: Taxpayers Must Fund "Sex Reassignment" Surgery

Ten years ago, if you'd have said that the Dems would have their current platform ten years hence, Dems would accuse you of spouting some kind of delusional dystopian Republican fear-mongering.
But here we are...
Presumably this means that we will, inter alia, be paying for this sort of genital cosmetic surgery for illegal aliens, too... I suppose it's too much to hope that at least we won't have to pay to mutilate children too young to have any idea what's being done to them...right? Hell, if you'd have, a year ago, said that this would basically be the blue team platform, people might not have believed it.
They've just simply lost their minds.
I'd say that nothing recognizable remains of liberalism...but it's chilling to recognize that isn't so. Contemporary progressivism is like a twisted caricature of liberalism--all the sane and healthy principles have been thrown out, and only victimology and oppression-mongering remains. Oh, and: reversed versions of racism and sexism, like negatives of the older kinds. It's depressing to see how willingly liberalism ceded the field to the most anti-liberal faction we've ever seen. It's much more depressing to recognize that this is not an entirely unrecognizable view...that it may have been latent in liberalism all along...


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