Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sully On Transgenderism Again: "When The Idealogues Come For The Kids"

Right on the money, as he so often is.
   I semi-deferred to his recent thing on "drag queen story hour," though I remain(ed) skeptical. In this piece he changes his mind and says that new evidence does indicate that this is about "gender" indoctrination.
   Just a reminder that there's a sane, liberal alternative to transgender ideology: the recognition that you can dress and behave however you like regardless of your sex. And you don't need a medical excuse. There's nothing wrong with, e.g., girls being masculine, nor with boys being feminine. But it doesn't change your sex. And 'man,' 'woman,' 'girl' and 'boy' are--undeniably--sex terms. A feminine boy is still a boy. There are exactly no plausible arguments against that fact.
   Sullivan points out something I pointed out long ago--many people have pointed it out: there's a clear repressive, anti-homosexual strand of thought in transgender ideology. A strand that, basically, says: an effeminate and/or homosexual male is really a female (and a masculine and/or homosexual female is actually male). Eventually, when the left flips back on this issue, these are the arguments that will probably be emphasized.
   I don't use those arguments because the left needs to realize that the truth matters. Currently, it only accepts harm arguments--and, really, only ones that concern harm to groups high in the progressive stack. It concerns them not at all that something is false. Thus, though I agree that transgender ideology is likely to harm non-heterosexuals, I prefer not to rely on such arguments. So long as the left is indifferent to truth and falsehood, it can't be reasoned with, except accidentally.


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