Monday, September 09, 2019

Spencer Case: Beyond The Hypatia Affair: Philosophers Blocking The Way Of Inquiry

Case is right, yet again.
In fact, there's really no doubt that he's right. No offense to Case, but basically every even vaguely objective and rational philosopher who's thought about this stuff for more than five minutes already recognized most of his arguments long ago. But he's one of the few with the guts to articulate them in public. Arguments in support of transgender mythology, and in favor of its suppression of philosophical discussion, are embarrassingly bad. It's not as if they're subtly flawed, and are understandably fooling people. They're patently shitty, but philosophers are afraid of the left--and the feminist and quasi-feminist left in particular.
   Anyway, good on Case. The emperor hasn't a stitch of clothing on, and it's an embarrassment to philosophy that contemporary philosophers are so easily cowed. I've seen a lot of embarrassingly terrible arguments come and go in contemporary philosophy, but the arguments propping up transgender mythology take the cake.


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