Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Malone, Wright, and Robinson: "No One Is 'Born In The Wrong Body'"

It's astonishing to me that such a confused idea with such catastrophic practical consequences could take hold--and, indeed, be forced onto society--so rapidly.
One way to understand the "gender identity" confusion is like so: we're often unhappy or uncomfortable with things about ourselves. And often our self-concepts don't match up perfectly with what we're actually like--physically and/or mentally. I commonly use the height analogy: many men wish they were taller, some lie about their height, and some seem to even actually believe themselves to be taller than they actually are. I'm just shy of 6', and I can't even tell you how many guys I've met who claimed to be 6'1" or 6'2" who were notably shorter than me. We could say that such people have different "identities"--e.g. "height identity." We don't do that because it's just not a particularly good way to describe having false beliefs about yourself. And if we did do things that way, it wouldn't entail that we should take "height identity" any more seriously than we already do--that is, describing the situation in that way wouldn't mean that, e.g., "height identity" should replace actual height on drivers' licenses. Your subjective idea of how tall you are--or your wishes about it--aren't as important as and can't replace the actual facts. The point of the term 'gender identity'--like the point of so many leftist terms--is to push an idea: the idea that your wishes and false beliefs are more important than the relevant facts.
   Now, one could argue for such a thing. But the first thing you'd have to do is argue for the proposition that sex is relevantly different than everything else. You'd have to argue that--for some strange reason--your subjective states--your beliefs and wishes about your sex--are more important than the objective facts about it. And look: there's just no way to make that case. It simply isn't going to happen.
   Well, I've said all that before.


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