Sunday, September 22, 2019

Janice Turner: "The Cult Of Gender Identity Is Hurting Children"

Everything in this is good, except for the fact that Turner, like many other people, continues to misuse pronouns upon request, referring to a refusal to do so as "misgendering." Problem is, that makes no sense if you reject the rest of transgender mythology/ideology. If you reject the theory, but continue to act and speak in accordance with its dictates, you need some supplementary argument to defend that. You're propping up the error if you speak as if there were nothing wrong with it. If Jenner were a woman, then it's obvious why we'd call him 'she.' Since Jenner isn't a woman, we need some argument for speaking of him as if he were--especially for suggesting that so speaking is obligatory. You can just want to comply, or argue that it's a kind of politeness, perhaps--but you can't have the attitude that Turner indicates that she has--she proudly says that she never "misgenders" anyone, as if to do so were a terrible thing. But there's nothing wrong with refusing to comply with requests to misrepresent someone; e.g. I am under no obligation to comply with your request to speak of you as if you were Asian when you obviously are not.
   But, anyway: aside from that, it's a good piece.


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