Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Howard Kurtz: "How I Realized The NYT Kavanaugh Story Was A Train Wreck"

   For years I ridiculed the idea of "liberal" bias in academia and the media. (Actually I'd actually still ridicule that charge specifically--as I don't think either institution is liberal anymore, but, rather, illiberal leftist. But it's a spectrum, so.) Years ago, long before the left's recent lurch leftward, the truth about academia finally started to dawn on me. Then I few years back--at the time I still listened to NPR all the time--it began to dawn on my how far to the left Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and the rest leaned. I had to stop listening to them a few years back, as I'd just end up mad and stewing about it. That's a pattern with me--I want to still read and listen to whichever side I think is wrongest at any given time...but if they're too bad, it doesn't so much make me see their point of view as it does just make me madder at them. I'm not proud of that, but it's a fact. 
   Anyway. Then the bias of the media overall started to come into focus for me. Oh, sure, I long ago recognized Fox News's bias. But then the more-or-less equal and opposite bias of CNN, the NYT, and the rest started to dawn on me. Slowly, Fox started to seem almost like a welcome corrective...
   I keep saying that these things "dawned on me" because I can't think of a better locution. That's the way it happened--sometimes in jerky, rapid realizations...but more often gradually.
   Of course I'm wrong a lot, as are the vast majority of us. But I'm sure I'm not completely wrong about all this. By now we have way, way more objective evidence of pernicious bias in the "MSM" than we need.


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