Thursday, September 12, 2019

"Genderless" Penguin To Be Raised By Same-Sex Penguin Couple At London Aquarium

None of this makes a single bit of sense. It's an embarrassment that the public mind has degenerated to a point such that this is taken seriously enough to not be laughed out of the goddamn room...but here we are.
It's all so idiotic that it's a huge mistake to dignify it with criticism...but I can't resist saying: one prominently stupid aspect of such things involves the diligent campaign by the left to confuse the sex/gender distinction. When feminism and the left benefitted tactically from sticking to the distinction, they stuck to it. Now that they've gone "trans" and, hence, benefit from confusing the distinction, they confuse it. In fact, they basically now say whatever they want to say about "gender," using the term to mean three or four different things (including just: sex)...or, just as often, to mean nothing at all. In this stupid story we get all sorts of stupid confusions, including: (a) confusing the sex/gender distinction, ergo (b) confusing sex with gender, ergo (c) ending up with the belief that penguins have gender, and (d) thinking that gender is something which is somehow real, yet also fictional--because if it comes and goes just by saying so, then it's a fiction, and (e) ending up, apparently, with the view that the penguin's sex is indeterminate...and (f) indeterminate simply because the aquarium doesn't reveal it.
Find something stupider than this--I dare you.
Yet the progressive left, our new cult/religion/superstition also continues to see itself as the faction of science.


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