Saturday, September 07, 2019

Freddie de Boer: "The Iron Law Of Institutions And The Left"

This is worth a read.
   I obviously would oppose the use of all those counterproductivity arguments. I'm not glad that the left has gone mad, but I am glad that they've done so in public. I'm currently inclined to think that this isn't some extrinsic glitch that's hit the contemporary radical left. Rather, I think that the contemporary left is extremist, and this sort of insanity is the wages of extremism. It may even be intrinsically linked in some way to leftism itself. I think it's largely an error to try to convince extremists that their extremism is counterproductive. Mostly what you get from that is sneaker extremists. But one of the best ways to combat that sort of thing is to flush them out into the open, to encourage them to be honest about what they really aim at.
   So I don't care about the counterproductivity arguments so much. What I think is interesting in the piece is (a) the honest admission of a leftist that the left has largely lost its shit and (b) the explanation (at least in part) in terms of the iron law of institutions.


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