Sunday, September 29, 2019

Drumpfff Is Done For This Time? Or Nothingburger Blows Up In Dem's Faces?

Yet again, it's perfectly obvious to everyone who's not a moron that _________...thing is (echoing Peirce on metaphysics) we can't agree on what goes in the blank.
   According to the leftward media, Trump's horrible, horrible guilt couldn't be more obvious; the rightward media tends to disagree, though there are a fair number of never Trumpers there, so there's more disagreement.
   Of course the leftward media is the national media--minus Fox...but not entirely minus Fox anymore... So they have a bigger megaphone. Well, in fact, they're like a nationwide chorus of megaphones. To hear anything other than them, you more-or-less have make an effort to do so.
   And, of course both sides are basically full of it. Few of the people crowing about one conclusion or the other know anything about the law, nor even about what's standard practice for presidents and conversations with other heads of state. I mean...don't get me wrong...I'll be surprised and dismayed if Trump's comments are SOP...but more the latter than the former, really.
   It certainly sounds bad--I don't see how anyone can deny that the comments in the infamous Ukraine phone call are prima facie shocking and appalling. (Joel Willett here agrees that they must be taken seriously. Though I find his consistency ad hominem against Trump to be rather weak. I'm inclined to think that he should have stuck on the first point: Trump knew lots of intelligence types were listening. Because they're always listening.)
   Anyway, and unfortunately: the Democrats have lost their minds, and the GOP has disappeared behind Trump. So I'm skeptical about this being dealt with seriously. The Dems think that everything Trump says is racist (though they've not come up with a single example that doesn't require an intentional misinterpretation) and everything he does--and even things he's been proven not to have done--are impeachable. I keep seeing stuff on the left that lists Russiagate as one of Trump's sins...WTH? They've stuffed their own two-year conspiracy-theory/fever-dream down the memory hole. It's like they are completely oblivious to the fact that they scream wolf! every two weeks and have been wrong every time. This is just another worrisome characteristic of the blinkered left.
   It's possible to get a just/rational outcome out of a rational process even if the players are irrational. And, who knows? We may get one, I suppose. Hope springs eternal.
   Basically, I'm inclined to think that we're still where we were about two years ago: Trump remains a damn loose cannon...a herd of loose cannons...each made of tinier, looser cannons. He has no business within a thousand miles of the Oval Office. That's good reason, to say the least, to want him gone, gone, gone. GONE. Before he accidentally sends the nukes or some such catastrophic thing.
   The most complicating factor, of course, is that the Dems have had a conversion experience, diving into the deep end of a massive pool of crazy. They have, with open arms, adopted a whole host of radical leftist...what? Superstitions, maybe. They've mindlessly decided that huge swaths of what we've laboriously worked out about government and nations and people over hundreds and thousands of years of trial and error should be thrown away on the basis of terrible arguments or no arguments at all.
   But that's not so new. We know about that. It has nothing to do with Trump's guilt or innocence. I continue to hope that this matter will be sorted out on the basis of the truth and the law and reason.
But I have to say, it's hard not to have one eye on the seeming fact that...God help us...Donald freaking Trump has--somehow...come to seem like the least insane option on our political horizon. If he does get the boot--which perhaps he should--I really do fear that we may thoroughly screwed.
   Of course there's a reasonable hope that the Dems--or, at least the eventual candidate--will get all sane after the primaries. But, honestly, I think that's a rather absurd hope. Elizabeth Warren isn't going to give up woke Jesus anytime soon.
   But I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
   Trump's apparent abuse of power is the train wreck before us right now.


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