Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Are "Gender Activists" Losing?

I very much doubt it.
I can't resist saying again: one of the craziest things about all this to my mind is that there seems to be an obvious and rather conservative (not in the political sense) equality argument to be made to the effect that if women can wear dresses to work, then men can wear them, too. There are obvious counterarguments, but it's not clear that they're sufficiently strong to win out. Nothing about that equality argument requires accepting any of the extravagant and implausible arguments of transgender ideology. If the Supremes give some kind of imprimatur to TI in the upcoming Harris funeral homes case there'll be no denying that the country's gone bonkers. It's the fact that we have to worry about something like this that makes me think that we'd be better off with a too-conservative court right now.
   It's depressing, of course, that the ACLU has been hijacked by the illiberal progressive left. But that sort of thing seems to be happening all over the place.


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