Thursday, July 25, 2019

PSU Punishes Peter Boghossian For Counterrevolutionary Scholarship

Boghossian et al. embarrassed intellectually weak, highly-politicized parts of academia by showing that they can't tell the difference between (a) the kinds of things they routinely publish and (b) patent, intentional bullshit. That is: he Sokaled them.
   For this, his institution has basically banned him from conducting research.
   Among all the things one might say about this: here's a difference between paleo-PC and neo-PC: in the old days, Sokal made people stop and think, and brought them to acknowledge that bullshit had become a problem in the humanities. But NPC is much, much more powerful, authoritarian, and intolerant of dissent. This time around, they have the will and the power to kill the messenger.
   This lends some support to something one of my professor said to me about fifteen years ago: if inquiry is to survive, it will have to move outside the academy. At the time he thought it might move to big tech companies. But it turns out that they have also been converged.
   I'm not saying that this is the end of everything, obviously. But I am saying that the dismissive attitude of many academic liberals/progressives is delusional. The idea that political correctness isn't a real and serious problem is simply indefensible.
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