Monday, July 29, 2019

It's Racism To Call A Crappy City Crappy

"Undiluted" racism, actually.
Althouse may be onto something here...every one of these spittle-flecked attacks against Trump diminishes whatever may have been accomplished by the last spittle-flecked attack. The last accusation of racism was implausible--though not entirely so--and seemed largely to depend on the premise that any political criticism of someone nonwhite is racist. This latest round of accusations seems like more of the same.
   Here's our situation: we've got a loon in the White House who keeps up a steady stream of unpresidential invective against everyone who crosses him...and we have an opposition party that has been taken over by extremists--i.e. lost its mind--and can't stop accusing everyone in sight of racism. Trump's doing a hundred things wrong...but the blue team can't seem to articulate a single one of the hundred reasonable criticisms it could be making. Instead, it heads straight for its favorite tactic every. single. time: that's racist!!!!111
   Baltimore is, largely, a shithole. Obviously not entirely. There are great parts of Baltimore, and super-rich parts of Baltimore. But y'know what: I wouldn't live there. Trump's off his rocker, and he speaks the truth only accidentally, when it happens to coincide with some attack he wants to make on his opponents. But he does speak something akin to the truth--in this and similar cases, anyway.
   He's a rhetorical alligator: he drags his opponents down to his level and fights 'em in the mud. Not part of that questionable analogy, but: in the mud, they reveal their own worst natures. And the worst nature of the contemporary left is very, very bad.
   And of course what I write above is false: there are all sorts of people out there articulating what's wrong with Trump's attacks. But those criticisms are swamped by the ceaseless, largely groundless and automatic, shrieking about racism. Everybody who's even vaguely objective about this knows that elements of the left use bullshit accusations of racism to get their way. Somebody needs to call bullshit on them. Trump's an imperfect option for doing so. But when everyone else wilts in the face of the criticisms, maybe what we need is an insensitive asshole who doesn't care what people think about him.


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