Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Harvard Law Prof Gets Bizarrely Conned By A Crazy Woman, Her "Trans" Boyfriend, And Kind of Some Other Dude, Too

So everybody's talking about this.
   This dude is just not too bright, I'm afraid. And he seems to know nothing about actual human interactions. The woman and her ("trans") boyfriend are apparently insane (hard to believe...) and evil. Also, there's another dude involved somehow, but I was kinda skimming at that point. But, seriously: at some point, you just kinda stop feeling sorry for him. When someone repeatedly does such idiotic things and is so deeply complicit in his own mistreatment...well...honestly...sounds like he kinda deserved it in a way. Though they did pull the same lunatic scam on at least two or three other guys, they seem to be pretty good at it.
   Also Title IX makes a predictable appearance. I'm sure it must have done some good in its day, but, whatever else it may have been, it's turned into a weapon put into the hands of crazy, evil and dishonest people, to be used against the innocent.
   Oh and: why did they do it--not for money. They're filthy rich. They did take money, but apparently only in order to harm their targets. According to them, they did it because they're feminists and really hate the patriarchy--not that anything they say can be believed...


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