Sunday, May 26, 2019

The WaPo's Tailspin Gets A Little Spinnier

There's a lot to say about that. Althouse is on to the basics.
I understand TDS--I really do. Dude could make the pope cuss. I just never expected more from him. In fact, I expected a lot less. Whereas I expected quite a bit more from the news media. In retrospect, that was stupid and ignorant. I reckon I've learned my lesson.
   None of this is to suggest that editing the Pelosi video in such a way is ok. It's bullshit, actually. And it's bullshit that we have a president who screws around on Twitter thusly. But in this battle of the bullshitters, it's a pretty minor skirmish. Seems inconsequential compared to the WaPo's bullshitty response--just the latest in a long line of not-even-vaguely objective attacks.
   But, then, rational comparisons are getting harder and harder for me to make. Both sides seem to have reached such a fever pitch of dangerous asshattery that I can't make sufficiently fine-grained comparisons. More and more Trump's bullshit seems less overtly insane and dangerous than that of the other me, anyway. But I just can't be sure. It's worse than what should be tolerable...but when the other side seems to have completely lost its grip on reality, and swung hard to the anti-liberal left, and Trump seems like almost the only thing standing between them and the future of the nation...well...shit, man. What do? It's like making a pact with Stalin to stop Hitler. Not...y'know...much like that...but a little like it...


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