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The Washington Post Has Flipped Its Shit, Episode MCLXIII: If Trump Is Not A Rooskie Then He Must Be A Nazi

The argument seems to be: Hitler said that ethnic Germans needed lebensraum (apparently not a term with which the Post expects its readers to be familiar) could see this as him saying that Germany was overcrowded...Trump said we couldn't keep letting in a gazillion illegals...and one of the things he said, by way of dramatically making the point, was "our country is full"...which...if interpreted in a way he didn't seem to mean it could be construed as the claim that the U.S. is overcrowded....WHICH MAKES HIM LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!!!111
   This is just an embarrassment. 
   And that aside from the fact that, as I understand it, Hitler's lebensraum BS was about acquiring extra land for expansion of the German people--and that was also largely about farm land and food production. But I've never attended to this question specifically, and IANA historian.
   Also, of course, the Nazis didn't want any foreigners; we take in more than any other country. Trump is just insisting that they come in legally. Now, the latest wave is about asylum-seekers, and asking for asylum is legal. However, we know that many of them are lying. Those that are lying share much of the blame here. Furthermore, we know that most of them won't show up for their court dates. It's also relevant that there are a lot of other countries they could have emigrated to--they're fleeing e.g. Honduras, and they're coming here...but their coming here is not integral to their fleeing e.g. Honduras. They could, oh, say, have stopped in Mexico, for example. Or gone southward instead of northward.
   And, as I've been saying for about a decade now--since long before the latest few phases of this crisis: if we'd have taken economic illegal immigration seriously and weren't already looking at 22-29 million illegals in the country, we'd have more flexibility about taking in asylum-seekers.
   But, anyway, to summarize: 
Hitler said something about overcrowding, Trump said something different about overcrowding, ergo Trump = Hitler.
   Do you want Trump 2020?
   Because this is f*cking how you get Trump 2020.
   The blue team just keeps getting loonier and loonier.
   And in this piece of crap article, we also see a return of an argument that seemed to disappear from the left for awhile: white supremacists talk about overpopulation and problems associated with taking in too many anybody who is concerned about overpopulation and taking in too many immigrants must be a white supremacist.
   And: we also get the blatant assertion that the U.S. isn't overpopulated. Which, I grant, is the standard view. But there are legitimate differences of opinion about carrying capacities and whatnot. I've always been concerned about the population, ever since I was a little kid. But, then, hey, maybe I've always been a Nazi and just didn't know it.
   And somehow we get a "Beto" O'Rourk quote about an "infestation"...which seems to have nothing to do with anything.
   And the lie that Trump called all illegal immigrants from the south "animals." Of course he only said that of members of MS-13.
   Wow this whole thing is just repulsive. And, aside from it inherent repulsiveness, it's exactly the kind of thing that, as some have noted, tends to legitimize the extreme right: if anyone who is concerned about these massive waves of illegal immigrants is, via the magic of redefinition, on the far right, then, given that the fears are, in fact, real and rational, now a lot of reasonable people are classified as extreme right...
   Concerns about the S.S. St. Louis incident are legitimate, and we should think carefully about them. But it's hard to do so amid this storm of progressive insanity and TDS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The completely brain-dead reductio ad hitlerum arguments really make me believe Alasdair McIntyre's argument that we've basically lost all grasp on moral language as a society. It's not healthy that you can't make a moral or political argument about Trump or really anything without appealing to one of the most obvious evils in history. Either you really can't adjudicate anything more ambiguous than that, or you really wish Trump were that bad, and I fear both are true.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump is not "just insisting that [immigrants] come in legally." That's a distortion. He wants to prevent people from coming *even if they have a legal asylum claim*. That's what the child separation policy was about. As for why people are choosing the US rather than other countries, and whether they are lying, let a judge decide if their claims have merit.

But you'll say there aren't enough judges to handle the numbers. True. But why is the solution Trump's approach? Why doesn't he work with Democrats to reform the system and allocate more resources so we can process more of these people, adjudicate their claims, and track them when they enter the country? I have one theory. Maybe it's because he doesn't want a solution. It's better politics for him to keep people angry and afraid.

Overpopulation just doesn't hold water as a basis for such a hostile approach to immigrants and asylum seekers. Here's reporting from just last week on population stagnation in the US and the desperate need for more farm and construction labor, which historically has been provided by immigrants from Mexico and other parts of Latin America:

This administration's immigration policy raises legitimate questions about its motivations. It is extremely hostile to certain classes of immigrants on racial, ethnic and religious grounds. Just one example: the sharp decline in Muslim refugees compared to Christian refugees under Trump, and the sharp decline of refugees overall (but impacting Muslims the hardest). For a lot of the far right, this has everything to do with Islamaphobia and fear of brown people and nothing to do with "real and rational fears."

I believe you that this is not driving your specific concern, and that it's overpopulation. But our country is not "full" (whatever "full" means). In light of our need for more workers and the size of the country, we can clearly handle many, many more people, and it would likely benefit the country in many ways. It's also the generous and compassionate thing to do with people who have suffered a lot in their home countries. What are we so afraid of?

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