Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Some Actor You've Never Heard Of Says Trans "Women"s Penises Are "Biologically Female"

Look, why think this is any more implausible than the more familiar parts of trans ideology? Progressives insist that males can be women. When added to facts about women and/or the definition of the term 'woman', that yields a material contradiction. Once you've accepted that such a thing is true, you've already crossed the intellectual Rubicon. Might as well allow the absurdity to propagate further out. It's more honest, really. Might as well go for: some penises are female. Or my preferred consequence: all women have vaginas, but some vaginas are exactly penis-shaped and indistinguishable from them. So all transwomen have vaginas, but some of those vaginas are tubular, extend from the body penis-wise, and so forth: vaginas are not biological things, but, rather, "social constructs," determined by the social role they play. Genitals attached to a person who is oppressed in certain ways are vaginas; genitals attached to their oppressor counterparts are penises...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is some solace about progressives discovering the Principle of Explosion, in that at least it is something of a rational consequence of unreason.

11:23 AM  

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