Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Obama: Ideological Rigidity, The Left's Circular Firing Squads, and "It's Not Racist To Be Disturbed By Immigration"

Here and here.
Sure wish he'd say stuff like this more. And say it here.
Dude is so freaking reasonable.
Still can't really believe we went from him to Trump. It was like the crazy train went from 0 to 60 in...I dunno...some very small number of seconds.
Though I will say: given the nature of the post-Obama left, I'm extremely grateful for the circular firing squads...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The post-Obama Left really launched in his second term though. How much of that is coincidence or a result of his Presidency? There were a number of identity politics flashpoints where the Obama admin was clearly pushing the progressive case, Title IX being the most blatant, but also much of Black Lives Matter, etc.

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