Sunday, April 21, 2019

"Microsoft Staff Openly Questioning The Value of Diversity"

It's amazing to me that the insanity of the diversity cult has been able to suppress dissent for as long as it has. But it's proven more effective at thought-control than I'd have predicted. It took a broadside from Damore...but seemed to keep on going full steam ahead...
   Anyway, I'm happy to see this.
   After a year on my college's diversity committee, I'm even more appalled by it all. It's an elaborate tangle of conspiracy theories, quasi-religious faiths, and thinly-concealed leftist efforts to consolidate control of universities. The groupthink and willful suspension of disbelief involved in all this is appalling. And it's doubly appalling that it's all so powerful and effective at universities. Whereas younger me imagined university faculty to be among the most independent thinkers, older me concludes that the opposite may well be true.
   Oh and, note that the article simply asserts without argument that Damore's memo was based on "pseudoscience." Which is absolutely, positively false. As has been well-established, his arguments were consistent with some of the best relevant and available science. It's his opponents' arguments that are indifferent to the available evidence.
   But, then, 'pseudoscience', like 'conspiracy theory' has more-or-less come to mean: something conservatives believe and liberals don't.


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