Sunday, April 21, 2019

John A. Glynn: "Why Donald Trump Will Be Reelected"

I completely disagree with this:
But Trump’s imminent reelection will be due to the fact that, at this time of writing, Democrats have very little to offer, very few candidates willing to get down and dirty with Trump—and, after all, politics is a dirty game.
Though I agree with several of Glynn's other claims: that if the economy holds up, Trump is likely to win. And that the Democratic candidates are a rather dismal lot. But I think the strongest reasons to think Trump is likely to win are:
[1] Contemporary progressivism has flipped its shit
[2] Progressives are now the visible and vocal vanguard of the Democratic party.
   Look: I am very unlikely to vote for the Dem in 2020. If the Dems have lost me against Trump, they are in very serious trouble. I gave a lot of money and volunteered a lot of time to the Obama campaign. It was hard to lose me, but they managed it.
   And although Trump is only about half as awful as the left makes him out to be, he is still awful. Really awful. A dim-witted, loud-mouthed, narcissistic con man who shouldn't be anywhere near the Oval Office. Saints daggum preserve us... Though their delusional demonization of Trump is part of what's gone wrong over there. They're nearly as delusional about Trump as the Birthers and Antichristers were about Obama.
   Trump's terrible, but he's up against a party that in the grip of a crack-brained extremist political cult that will almost undoubtedly cobble together a platform composed largely of (a) some really bad ideas from the past that have been shown not to work, and (b) an array of loony ideas cooked up last Tuesday or so in the grievance studies departments. 
   It's not that the Dems are lackluster, nor that they aren't willing to fight dirty--progressives have been doing almost nothing but fighting dirty. Sometimes literally fighting, as Antifa's basically the Brownshirts of the contemporary American left... But the left also fights crazy. They have adopted a bunch of lunatic ideas, and we know what the principle of change is in them: they are ceaselessly driven to adopt even crazier ideas, and to do so at an astonishingly rapid rate. by fiat and all that entails for restrooms, locker rooms, women's athletics, and so on...medical mutilation of children...fourth-trimester abortions, open borders, the PC-ification of all aspects of life (it's not just for universities anymore!) and the destruction of all who disagree, "diversity" uber alles, global warming hysteria (it's settled science, bigot!) and the dystopian green new deal...and we haven't even gotten to the elimination of private health insurance nor universal basic income yet...the crazy just keeps on comin'...
   Bah, not all this again... It's not as if I haven't ranted about this stuff already.
   But no: it's not merely that the Dems have little to offer, nor that they're insufficiently vicious. It's really the opposite of both of those: having been captured by the illiberal left, they're offering a giant pile of crazy, and they've become alarmingly vicious and violent. By comparison, Trump seems almost reasonable and civil. Almost, anyway.


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