Friday, April 26, 2019

Jed Handelsman Shugerman: "Trump Conspired With The Russians. Mueller Proved It"

The second part of the title isn't true, but this is still a very interesting piece.
Shugerman argues, basically: though Mueller found no proof beyond a reasonable doubt of conspiracy and coordination, he did find that the preponderance of the evidence indicates conspiracy and coordination. And it's reasonable to think that it's the lower standard that should interest us. Obvious, I'd say. The lighter burden is what should matter to voters and, I'd think, to Congress.
   But we swim in a sea of TDS, so I'm skeptical about Shugerman's claims that the lower standard was met.


Blogger The Mystic said...

I have read the first 100 pages of Volume I of the report, and I must say I agree that there's not enough emphasis being made on the fact that Mueller was declining to charge the campaign or its staff with criminal conspiracy. So far, I agree with the decision given the content I've examined, but I also agree largely with the article.

No one in his or her own individual deliberations would trust any of the members of the trump administration given adequate attention to the information in this report. I can't imagine anyone would read it and not come away with, at the very least, a commitment to being utterly unsurprised if it were revealed that the campaign did conspire criminally with the Russian government in swaying the election.

I mean, seriously, Manafort delivered polling data to Russian agents and discussed the most significant swing states with them.

I'm surprised there hasn't been (although maybe I'll get to it) a more detailed analysis of the Russian efforts to sway the election. If the Russians focused more intently on the populations identified by Manafort, well..

As I said in my own article on this matter prior to the report's release; I expected it to be quite difficult for Mueller to establish the overwhelming evidence required even to consider indicting the President, himself, or the campaign administration, even, given the intensity of partisanship in America right now.

Looks like that's basically panned out.

My main areas of interest, including Manafort, look to have been simply too resistant to information gathering efforts to unequivocally pin down to that degree.

Buy holy F, the report is incredible for so many reasons (politically and otherwise).. the behaviors documented therein are pretty far and away from run-of-the-mill political allegations.

I can only hope that's because this campaign is genuinely worse than others, and not simply that others haven't faced the same degree of scrutiny..

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