Saturday, April 27, 2019

"Don't Forget" That "@YaleLawSch faculty" Has "Confirmed" That the 2020 Election "Counts As" A "Constitutional Moment"

Jesus Christ, has everybody gone stupid?
[1] Not even "the Yale Law School faculty," but "@YaleLawSch faculty."
[2] There's no real reason to believe that "Constitutional moments" are real things.
[3] For that and other reasons, certainly "@YaleLawSch faculty" isn't in a position to "confirm" it.
[4] Stick that "Don't forget" BS. That's of a piece with the left's "friendly reminders"; specifically, it takes something that is likely bullshit and pretends it's established fact. See, we're not making shit up...we're just issuing a friendly reminder of something we all recognize...
   Honestly, we're suffering a constant barrage of stupid these days.
   Because Donald Trump is a gigantic threat to the Constitution because he may appoint justices that will actually do things like protect the First Amendment...dangerous, dangerous "Constitutional moment"...


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