Monday, April 29, 2019

"Diversity Statements: Professions of Progressive Faith

These things are completely cracked.
   These schools are saying that you aren't, e.g., qualified to be a mathematician at their institution, nor to do research in their physics department, unless you have a personal relationship with Our Lord And Savior Diversity Jesus. Are you brilliant? Maybe the next Einstein? Insufficient, bigot! Don't want you! Are you scrupulously fair? Completely indifferent to race, sex, etc.? Well, that's racist, actually, as you know. To not be racist you have to think race is super-important! You have to think that it pervades everything! And to be considered for a job here, bub, you have to tell us, in writing, how you are personally committed to advancing the holy cause of diverstityandinclusion. We're not interested in some egghead who might do some egghead thing like win a Nobel prize. What matters here is that you are on board with leftist politics. Yes, we put it in terms of diversityandinclusion...which we love with a burning passion hotter than a million suns...don't get us wrong! But you know as well as we do that this is also a way to force you to at least pay lip service to progressive politics generally. And, as Theodore Dalrymple says, that's to some extent a means of breaking the spirit of those who disagree and see through the lies; we humiliate them in their own eyes by forcing them to recite a catechism that anyone can see is false. Independent-minded people will recognize this as an appalling subordination of the intellectual to the political...and those are exactly the people we want to root out. Eggheads and troublemakers are unlikely to spend a lot of their time cultivating their diversity cred, and unlikely to pour their full heart into their statement...thus giving us evidence of their retrograde attitudes, ergo grounds for weeding them out.
   Of course it also gives us other grounds for preferring nonwhite nonstraight nonmales to...those other people.
   No arguments are actually needed against this madness. This is a litmus test. If you think these things are acceptable, you've gone round the bend.


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