Thursday, April 25, 2019

Biden Comes Out Bullshitting

Lying, actually.
   I steal the title template from Althouse.
   Who basically nails it here: Biden's Announcement Video Is Anchored In A Demonstrable Lie.
   I do think that the UVa students who surrounded the statue of Jefferson in front of the Rotunda and fought the tiki-torch Nazis did the right thing. I'm pretty damn sure I'd have joined them if I could have...though people often chicken out in the actual moment. F*ck those tiki-torch assholes. And that's the incident that the Biden video seems to be referencing. The next day, however, the violence seems to have been mostly the left's fault, as is now common. The Unite The Right people had a right to rally. They had a permit. And there's, y'know, that First Amendment thing. And the Antifa types tried to stop them from doing it--while the cops looked on. As the city of C'ville had, apparently, instructed them to do.
   As I pointed out at the time, Trump explicitly said that he wasn't including Nazis and white supremacists in his "very fine people" category. That's just another overt misinterpretation / lie by the left, like "all Mexicans are rapists." He was talking about the two sides of the Confederate monument debate--and he was right. He also noted that both sides were responsible for the violence on Saturday, which is undeniably right. In fact it seems to have been the counter-protesters that were mostly to blame. But the left continues to pretend that he was, somehow, saying that some Nazis are very fine people.
   Because, you see, the actual Trump isn't bad enough. The left must build a straw Trump, and fashion him into the very worst person ever.
   I thought I might possibly be able to hold my nose and vote for Biden...but, honestly, that's probably not in the cards. The left has simply lost its mind. And they almost make Trump's grip on the truth seem firm by comparison. This isn't even so much about Biden or any other individual Democrat, any more than the insanity of Scientology is about the insanity of Tom Cruz. The problem, in each case, is the central, animating ideas of the group. Not every Democrat is nuts--not by any long shot. Many are, in fact...well, you see where I'm going with this...
   But illiberal progressives have become the vocal vanguard of the party. They're steering the ship. And their ideas permeate the party. And candidates cannot do well without currying favor with them. I currently fear the relatively short-term, superficial threat posed by Trump less than I fear the relatively long-term, deep threat posed by the hard-left antiliberalism of progressives.
   As I keep saying over and over...


Anonymous cb said...

"The next day, however, the violence seems to have been mostly the left's fault, as is now common."

Yeah, mostly the left's fault, except of course for the guy who deliberately slammed his car into a crowd of people, injuring 19 and killing one:

And of course, this exact scenario was talked about by the organizers in the lead-up (the chat logs are damning):

you've vanished so far in the right-wing media bubble it's not worth trying to pierce it anymore, but then again, sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.

B/c when your answer to the question "Who was at fault, the Nazis who killed someone, or the anti-Nazis who didn't?" is "Well, the Nazis had a PERMIT"...

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that one can hold both of these thoughts at the same time without dissonance:

1) The "general" violence at the permitted rally was the fault of the counter-protesters. The rally holders should have been able to have their permitted event without disruption. This is why you get a permit in the first place.

2) The "particular" violence of ramming a crowd of counter-protesters with a car is the fault of the driver and no one else.

4:16 PM  

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