Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Trump's Executive Order To Protect Free Speech On Campus Is Bad Because Reasons

Wow this is bad.
But I agree that there will be a lot of pushback by the campus left. Some colleagues and I have been trying to get various measures passed to protect speech at our own institutions, and we've already been discussing how this complicates things. Freedom of speech is already widely considered a conservative cause by the academic left. And any whiff of Trump will solidify their opposition. That's not to say that the executive order is a bad idea; but it's to note that it complicates things in certain ways.
   Incidentally: I like how the left denied that there was ever a problem...but now they've all discovered one report that claims that the crisis is now they're using that to argue that...there's no problem! Maybe the problem is less severe than it was a year ago--in certain respects, anyway. I certainly hope that it is. That would be great news. But even if lessened, the problem is still severe.


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