Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mueller Report

Been too busy to post. Now out of town at a conference.
Looks like my hunch about the Mueller report was likely right.
Also looks like I was right about progressives refusing to take "no" for an answer. Though lots of people saw that coming. Not exactly hard to predict.
I'm currently watching Rachel Maddow melt down over it. She's alternating between (a) nearly crying and (b) insisting that this isn't the end, but really, you see, kind of the beginning because anything could be in there!!!111
Sounds like the plan is to start up a bunch of other investigations until something is found.
A cringeworthy performance by the blue team this far. Even by their standards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What has always scared me is what happens next. The Russia stuff was so prima facie ridiculous this was always going to be the outcome, and Dems should be eternally ashamed to have sunk to what is really Alex Jones levels of epistemic incompetence.

But the meta-outcome is what's really terrifying. Trump voters have a very real and quite justified sense that they are being shut out of the political process by the establishment in collaboration with the Left. They somehow managed to get Trump elected of all people, and this is the response of our political system? Such brazen, moronic hackery? It's astonishing, and it will probably destroy trust in our political leadership for decades. I mean, if you see Lawrence Tribe or Jeffrey Toobin on tv, what's your reaction going to be on a go-forward basis? What will happen now that it has been revealed that such inane fools are controlling a gov't with a 4 trillion dollar budget and the media environment that allows us to comprehend their actions?

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