Wednesday, March 06, 2019

More Progressive-on-Conservative Political Violence

Not to blame the victim...but everybody needs to know how to fight. 
   Good on Williams for doing what he's doing...but he really should have slapped the absolute living shit out of that dude. Currently, non-radical-leftists need to be prepared to be attacked; and that means: prepared to put a hurtin' on the attackers. I kinda wish I didn't detest Trump; I'd get me a MAGA hat and see what turned up. 
   The left is not only fabricating right-on-left political violence, it's out there actually perpetrating the left-on-right kind. And not the veriest peep from the media...unless they can figure out a way to reverse the polarity as in the Covington kids case. Patently fictional right-on-left incidents get--what?--about a thousand times more coverage than documented left-on-right incidents?


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