Tuesday, March 05, 2019

"Captain Marvel" Is A Train Wreck

I've kinda been wondering how Captain Marvel ended up being a woman...turns out the story is a complete train wreck. I thought I'd somehow just been oblivious to this major part of the Marvel universe...but no...they basically just made the character up. Or, rather: decided to pretend that Ms. Marvel was/is Captain Marvel...oh and: she's their flagship superhero!
   This stuff is so stupid you really couldn't make it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Characters in comics change all the time. There have been lots of different versions of The Hulk, including one where Banner and Hulk are at peace with one another and Hulk is as strong as ever with the genius of Banner.

This summary doesn't seem any stranger than typical comic character evolution:

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Blogger Winston Smith said...

Good point, though I do think it's significantly more convoluted than *most* stories.

It's also fine with me if "Captain Marvel" is a kind of functional role and not something more like the name of a person or a rigid designator.

What really puts me off is this attempt to make this extremely ad hoc character into "the strongest Avenger" who is apparently being set up to swoop in and save the world after the good guys lost the Infinity wars...

When, at the end of A:IW 1, Fury tries to send a message as his last act, I had no idea who or what the image on the screen was supposed to indicate. It's obviously supposed to be this dramatic moment, and we're supposed to know who or what is being brought into play...but I had no idea.

When I saw the movie, my friend Tracy, a bigger geek than me turns to me expectantly in the theater, and I gave him a blank look and a shrug. He said "Captain Marvel." I was like "The 'Shazam' guy?" I started seeing the ads, and I kept thinking "Do they mean *Ms.* Marvel? WTH is going on?"

If you want a super-duper powerful female Marvel superhero...why not Jean Grey? But, then, X-Men aren't really integrated into the MCU, and I think they already killed her off anyway.

I've always thought there should be more good female superheroes. But there really aren't. Get some: then make a movie. This attempt to pretend that they already have an established one is ridiculous.

And all this media bullshit about how "Marvel's most powerful hero is a woman!!111" is just idiotic, IMO.

Even fiction has rules. And just making shit up willy-nilly destroys the integrity of a story.

And the fact that this is all done in the service of a trendy anti-liberal political fad doesn't make things any better.

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