Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cliff Sims: Trump And His White House "Absolutely Out Of Control"

Whelp, that's about what I thought.
These are legitimate grounds on which to criticize Trump, and argue that he has no business in the office. Of course the Post is only interested in printing the bad parts...but I don't see how any good parts could make up for this stuff. This is an office that needs occupants like No Drama Obama...not this jackass who (or so it seems) can't run even a day-to-day operation in anything other than crisis mode. God help us if we have another 9/11, or a real confrontation with Putin or China. Dude can't get through MLK day without a minor crisis. Who knows? Arbor day could crash the whole ship of state...
   Special Super Bonus, though!: A whole chapter on The Mooch! You know I'm readin' this one!


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