Saturday, December 15, 2018

What Should Happen With Silent Sam?

Not sure.
I'm inclined to want him back up for at least a year to defy mobocratic insanity. 
But, if the average reasonable black North Carolinian in the street thinks the statue disrespectful to them, it should likely go.
And the university's plan to move it to a new, museum-like facility is probably a pretty good stab at a solution.
I'm under the impression that striking is illegal for public employees at UNC. If the TAs go through with their threat to withhold grades, they should incur whatever the appropriate legal penalty is--which, for all I know, is being suspended/fired. If the half-wits in the Ed school go through with their threat to strike, they, too, should be treated however the law says they should. I'm absolutely fine with civil disobedience--but, as Thoreau and MLK note, you should be willing to accept the relevant penalty for your actions.
Taking the statue down off "the university's front lawn" is one thing; treating it as if it were the One Ring and casting it into Mt. Doom is something else entirely. 

And it'll be less than a decade before Mr. Jefferson and the statue in front of the Rotunda get this treatment at UVa.

[Damn. The BoG has knuckled-under to pressure and rejected the plan. I'm afraid their going to give all the way in to the hysteria.]


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