Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Neo-Nazi Incident In Washington State

These psychos had been reduced to mere residuum. I'm not sure whether that's what they still are, or whether they're actually returning to significance. (I don't think a poser would get 'devil' tattooed across his head...). The media's obsessions and biases make it hard to get any sense of overall trends. And the SPLC can no longer be trusted.
   At least they were caught quickly. Thing is, they'll, at best, go back to prison where they'll be welcomed with open arms by the in-house branch of the Aryan Brotherhood/Nation/Whatever. Obviously these are not people who are particularly worried about getting locked up.
   Needless to say, among my many concerns about this stuff, is that vocal anti-white leftism (in addition to being racist in itself) is fanning the flames of (actual) white supremacism on the right. Unlike naive, youthful me, I no longer think we'll ever get rid of racism completely. The trick is to reduce it to embers. But so long as the anti-white left is so prominent/vocal, and given, basically, carte blanche, I don't see that happening. I dislike counterproductivity arguments, and prefer to focus on the wrongness of racism per se, including the anti-white racism of the PC left. But the consequences in this case are so profound that even I can't ignore them. Real, actual white supremacism--so I'm not adopting the fashion of using the term as a synonym for white racism--is a very, very dangerous thing. This is not something to mess around with.
   But it's also not something to freak out about just yet. Cold-hearted as it sounds: in a country of 325,000,000 people, this sort of thing is going to happen sometimes. It's a terrible thing for the individual innocent victims involved, but it's probably not a widespread social crisis--yet.
   I'm sick of people virtue-signalling about this stuff, so I rarely say it...but I hated these guys with a fiery passion before it was cool...


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