Saturday, December 08, 2018

John Rosenberg: "From Diverse Professors To Professors Of Diversity"

It's not exactly true to say that academia has become a political cult...but it's not exactly false, either.
   The horrifying thing to me is that the very people who are supposed to be the keepers of the flame of knowledge can say such things and support such programs. No one with the degree of intellectual honesty God gave a goddamn goose could say such things with a clear conscience. It often seems to me that people who produce such lunacy are beyond hope, because there's no explanation or argument that could make the lunacy clearer than the lunacy itself.
   This is the sort of thing that's led me to think that we'd be a lot better off with quotas. Quotas may be a meat-ax solution, but they're honest. The religion of diversity has intellectually and morally corrupted the university--corrupted its mind and soul. Huge swaths of universities can't bring themselves to look at the facts straight on--so they have to construct a bunch of quasi-myths (expressed in the muddled language of PC / popomo) in order to view and express the truths obliquely (and inaccurately).
   The two most delusional and intellectually dishonest institutions I've ever been associated with are (a) the baptist church back home and (b) universities. Over the years I've learned to more-or-less give (a) a pass; it's not supposed to be honest. It's not supposed to be rational. It's not supposed to be the goddamn steward of the goddamn intellectual / scholarly /scientific heritage of humankind. (b) is a whole different goddamn kettle of fish.


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