Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Irritating Pop Terms (With Special Appearance By AOC)

"Self-care" is a bit of pop terminology that drives me up the wall. There something in the idea that's ok...but the term is generally popular, I say, on the side of the snowflakes who think that every inconvenience is violence against them. I'm not saying that people never need a break or whatever, obs. But come on...."self care". Shut up.
   Anyway, incidentally, AOC thinks she needs some "self care" before she even starts her job. And she makes up a story about how it's political and working class and race!!!  And dammit she needs and deserves that massage with hot rocks or WTF ever. And anybody who ridicules her for being ridiculous is politically incorrect.
   I mean...I'll bet campaigns are exhausting, and that a vacation before starting your stint as a congressman is a damn fine idea. So why not just say this instead of saying stupid shit, one wonders?
   (Though I do wish her well--obviously it's a tough and important job. I don't find her views congenial, but I wish her luck.)


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Ok. Complaining about the term she uses is to describe a little down-time* is ... petty. As AOC points out, it is damn shame that Paul Ryan didn't get a bit more of this treatment when he joined Congress at age 28 as a died in the wool Randroid. I mean really: the guy actually likes Rand's awful fiction!
* how many terms for vacay are there, anyway?

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