Monday, December 31, 2018

Firm Predictions To Test Competing Cultural/Political (World)views: E.g. Re: Climate Change

We ought to be looking for ways to test our relatively high-level positions / worldviews. Climate change / AGW would be a great one. I think the following is clearly true:
The left currently holds that it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that anthropogenic climate change is (1) real and (2) so significant as to demand radical measures in response.
I'm not sure what the right thinks, really, but it's something like: neither (1) nor (2) has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 
   These positions should be clarified, made more precise, and written in stone somewhere. Then re-evaluated periodically. Ten, fifteen, and twenty years from now we'll know more. Being wrong about such a thing should count as significant evidence of dumbassery. 
   (I'm obviously ignoring a lot of complexities...)


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