Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"Trans" Activists Harass Critics In UK

Absolutely, positively nothing new here whatsoever.
In Galileo's Middle Finger, Dreger notes that such activists have gone so far as to accuse critics of molesting their own children.
   Look at what we're facing here: an obviously false view that has, at its core, a fantastical, magical belief on the order of night is day. The central arguments for that view are, basically: (a) Some people feel as if night is day, and (b) Night and day are social roles, therefore whatever we say they are. That's about as close as you can realistically get to thinking so makes it so. Laid over this madness is the left's hand-dandy Criticism = Violence ploy: any criticism of their magical thinking is claimed (without evidence) to cause violence against them...and, furthermore, to actually constitute violence against them. Simultaneously, they harness their shrieking mobs of flying monkeys on Twitter et al. to bury critics under rabid invective, false accusations, and even threats. Because, you see, sober, academic criticism of their loony position is violence. But basically it's permissible for them to suppress criticism by any means necessary...up to...and maybe more than up to...threats of violence.
   But, you see, they are the innocent victims in all this...


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