Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The PC Left Is Beyond (Self?) Parody: Rainbow Stalin / Gulags Good / Skepticism Kills Edition

This is:
(a) Serious
(b) Not serious
(c) The serious / not-serious distinction was deconstructed long ago you counterrevolutionary thoughtcriminal
(d) A fish
But for those of you keeping score at home:
Gulags: good, humane, progressive, rehabilitative/re-educational!
Pointing out that arguments for trans ideology are unsound: literally murder.
I mean, the video's got to be a joke, yes? Not that such a jokey pop treatment of Hitler would fly, because of the great Nazi/commie double-standard...but whatevs. 
   I wonder whether the Daily Nous is still on about the burning / enduring philosophical question "Is 'TERF' a slur?"*
   Q: How is philosophy like communism?
   A: They're both good in theory...but...

*  Though I don't have great sympathy with the Z0MG 'TERF' IS A SLUR view, I am on the side of people like Rebecca Reilly-Cooper who are pointing out that transgender ideology makes no goddamn sense. The behavior of philosophers in all this has been appalling. Philosophy ought to be ashamed of itself. Any view on the right that had come along using such pathetic arguments to advance a radically conservative social agenda would have been enthusiastically shredded. But philosophers are afraid to point out even the most egregious problems with TI. 


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