Saturday, September 29, 2018

Second Thoughts On The House Re: L'affaire Kavanaugh

I'd been thinking that, if Ford drew up partial floor plans ahead of time, and then the house were to be identified, and (barring renovation) they matched, then that would be some confirmation of her story.
   But now I doubt that. She could easily know the floor plan from being in the house at other times. It's certainly nothing but the weakest, most insubstantial evidence.
   I was kind of excited about the prospect of some actual evidence...but this route won't provide it. Unless something really big turns up...someone remembering the party, basically, and remembering that all the relevant people actually were there, so Kavanaugh is lying...I'm not sure what can be discovered that will count.
   More likely, the FBI will find that Kavanaugh did drink a lot, and that will sink him.
   Also, I read that the Dems blew it all by having Ford questioned in the Judiciary Committee hearing, instead of by a professional, in private. That matters, too.
   More and more this is seeming to a gut all be kinda crazy. Unless something big and pro-Ford turns up, I think the smart conclusion will be that this has all been, basically, a witch hunt.
   Or so I think at this instant...but my position keeps oscillating all over the place...which means it's worth shit. But I'm trending toward: Kavanaugh's account is veridical, Ford's not.


Anonymous darius jedburgh said...

Did you see the thing from Current Affairs about Kavanaugh's lies and inconsistencies, linked to on Leiter?

He keeps saying things like 'Everyone who was there says it didn't happen'. All that the people in questions are saying is that they weren't aware of it at the time. One of them has told the Post that she believes Ford.

So when Kavanaugh says 'Everyone who was there says it didn't happen', he's either thinking in an incredibly sloppy way, or being deliberately sophistical. Either way I wouldn't want him as a Supreme.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I didn't, but I just posted about something from Saletan that sounds the same.

My take was that I didn't see that stuff as lying so much as putting an aggressive, defense-friendly spin on the stuff. I think that's excusable IF he's innocent. Believe me, I'd do worse. And so it seems to me that that stuff just kicks us back to the question "Is he innocent?"

I distrust most of those anti-BK arguments that have the form "the very nature of his defense of himself disqualifies him." I mean, if he outright lied about some matter of fact, instead of spinning in these ways, yeah. Which he may be doing with respect to the "black out" question.

He hasn't distinguished himself, that's for sure...but I'd outright lose my fucking mind if I were in his shoes (and innocent--which I'd be if I were me).

8:41 AM  

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