Sunday, September 23, 2018

Kavanaugh Accuser: All Alleged Witnesses Now Dispute Her Story

And don't forget: her therapist's notes are also inconsistent with at least one significant detail of her story.
And there's this bit:
   In The Atlantic, Brookings Institution scholar Benjamin Wittes took the argument to its illogical extreme. Because of the political sensitivity of the situation, Wittes wrote, Kavanaugh “cannot…seek to discredit a woman who purports to have suffered a sexual assault at his hands.”
   “Even if [Kavanaugh] believes himself innocent, even if he is innocent,” Wittes concluded, “the better part of valor is to get out now.” That is, to withdraw his nomination.
I've seen this kind of insanity from the left here and there: men should not dispute rape charges even if they are innocent because (a) it causes psychological harm to the accuser, and (b) it promotes the view that some rape accusations are false...which...of course...they are, ex hypothesi, for the purposes of that very idiotic argument...
   This is in keeping with similar arguments, more widespread on the left, to the effect that one ('one' meaning: white people) should never dispute accusations of racism. Just listen and believe, shitlord.
   I'm in no way convinced that Ford is wrong. And I'm in no way saying that there aren't dumb arguments on the right as well....but damn...


Anonymous Lewis Carroll said...

You're right Winston, and an FBI investigation would presumably suss all this out, at least to the extent that we could more appropriately locate our confidence one way or the other.
So why would anybody object to it? Seems to me the inability to corroborate Ford's story would benefit Kavanaugh. Yeti it is only Ford who has requested it, and she also passed a lie detector test. (Which I agree only proves that she genuinely *believes* it happened, but that is something)

1:35 PM  

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