Sunday, September 30, 2018

John McCormack On Kavanaugh And The 7/1/82 Party

You see what the Current Madness has done to me? I've now started peeking in on The Weekly Standard for chrissake...:
   During Ford’s testimony Thursday, she explained that Garrett (whose nickname was “Squi” and who also is listed on Kavanaugh’s calendar as attending the July 1 party at Tim Gaudette’s townhouse) was the only social connection to Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge she can recall. Ford said during testimony that she had socialized with Garrett for “maybe a couple months” before the alleged party occurred and that Garrett was someone she “went out with for a few months.” She added: “After that we were distant friends and ran into each other periodically at Columbia Country Club, but I didn’t see him often.” If one of the people at the same small gathering was someone she “went out with for a few months,” wouldn’t there be a good chance she would recall his presence? The Post reports that Garrett has not responded to an interview request regarding the July 1 party.
   “Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford," Leland Keyser’s lawyer said in a statement on September 22.Kavanaugh’s calendar lists seven boys in attendance at Tim Gaudette’s, but Ford recalls a party at which four boys and two girls (including herself) were present. During testimony Thursday, Ford said that she recalls that Kavanaugh, Leland Keyser, Mark Judge, P.J. Smyth, and “one other boy whose name I cannot recall” attended the party. Everyone identified by Ford has denied recollection of a party like the one she described to the Washington Post, including her lifelong female friend and classmate Keyser.
   “I never attended a gathering like the one Dr. Ford describes in her allegation. I’ve never sexually assaulted Dr. Ford or anyone,” Kavanaugh testified on Thursday. “She and I did not travel in the same social circles. It is possible that we met at some point at some events, although I do not recall that. To repeat, all of the people identified by Dr. Ford as being present at the party have said they do not remember any such party ever happening.”
   While Ford described a party in pre-written and pre-released testimony as one at which four boys and two girls were in attendance, she said under questioning Thursday that she “can’t guarantee that there weren’t a few other people there, but they are not in my purview of my memory.” The occurrence of the Thursday, July 1, 1982 gathering of seven boys in Rockville was first revealed a couple days before the hearing when Kavanaugh’s calendars were released to the public.
   When Ford first described the details of the alleged assault at a couple’s therapy session in 2012, the therapist’s notes indicate that she was attacked by four males—a discrepancy Ford attributes to an error by the therapist. Ford’s lawyers have not provided the notes, even in redacted form, to the Senate Judiciary Committee. According to the Washington Post, the notes don’t mention Kavanaugh by name, but Ford's husband told the Post that she mentioned Kavanaugh at the time of the May 2012 therapy session and expressed concern he might be nominated to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh had been profiled in the New Yorker in March 2012 as the “ most likely first nominee” to the Supreme Court if a Republican won the 2012 presidential election.
   There is also reason to think the timing of the July 1, 1982 party could be inconsistent with Ford’s description of events. Kavanaugh testified that his calendar indicates that prior to the gathering at Tim Gaudette’s he had been doing a football workout, which was “usually 6:00 to 8:00 or so, kind of—until near dark. And then it looks like we went over to Timmy’s.”
   Ford testified that she likely arrived at the party after a day of swimming at the country club, the alleged assault occurred “early in the evening,” and Kavanaugh and Judge had been drinking heavily before she first saw them at the small gathering.
   “Mr. Kavanaugh and Mr. Judge were extremely inebriated, they had clearly been drinking prior,” Ford testified. “It was just a gathering that I assumed was going to lead to a party later on that those boys would attend, because they tended to have parties later at night than I was allowed to stay out. So it was kind of a pre-gathering.”
   We don’t know for sure if Kavanaugh worked out until 8:00 p.m. that evening, but if he did, that fact would be inconsistent with Ford’s description of an assailant who was “extremely inebriated" from drinking beer by the time the alleged assault occurred “early in the evening” at a “pre-gathering.”
This is the only party we currently know of that could be Ford's party; and it isn't it.


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