Monday, July 02, 2018

Conference: "Political Theory of LGBTQ Migrants And Refugees"

Not making this up; posted to PHILOS-L:
Call for Papers: Political theory of LGBTQ migrants and refugees, November 30, 2018, University of OttawaLGBTQ migration, and the treatment of LGBTQ migrants and refugees, raise several ethical and political theoretical questions that are distinct from the general questions of migration. The current migration flows, immigration and admission policies, as well as modes of integration, are all affected by different notions – and expectations – of a person’s sexual and gender identity. On the one hand, LGBTQ migrants and refugees are among the most vulnerable groups in global migration movements; on the other, the movement of affluent LGBTQ persons within western cities and metropoles tells a very different story about LGBTQ migration.
This workshop brings together political philosophers, ethicists and other experts on migration to discuss the political theoretical challenges of global migration and refugee movements with a specific focus on LGBTQ perspectives. The possible topics include (but are not restricted) to• The duties of states and/or civic society to LGBTQ migrants and refugees• The ethics of prioritizing (or not) LGBTQ refugee admissions• The treatment of testimony of LGBTQ refugees in asylum processes• LGBTQ integration and the effects of LGBTQ migration on the host society, especially in the context of racial and cultural difference• The adverse effects of migration to LGBTQ persons and communities
The papers will be pre-circulated and workshoppers will be expected to read them in advance. Confirmed speakers include Avigail Eisenberg (Victoria), Cyril Ghosh (Wagner), Matthew Lister (Deakin), and Christine Straehle (Ottawa).Expressions of interest / abstracts of 300-500 words should be sent to
Academia's on-going self-parody is approaching some analog of singularity.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

It's just simple mathematics: mistreatment of migrants and refugees incurs a net loss of n amount of hedons, while the mistreatment of LGBTQ migrants and refugees incurs a net loss of n+1 hedons.

We REEAAAALLLLY NEED CIS WHITE MEN TO UNDERSTAND THIS. Now, can we have some tax dollars please??

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