Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Kind Of Interesting Thing On Race In Small-Town Ohio

The Post linked to this.
   My first impression is that it gives us a kind of snapshot of part of the race problem in the U.S. It starts with a description of an almost [expletive deleted]ing unbelievable crime against a kid that was obviously motivated by a pretty-damn-hard-to-even-get-your-head-around degree of racism. Four teenage perpetrators jumped out of their pickup and assaulted another teenager because he was Latino. They put a noose around his neck, dragged him down the street, beat him, and threatened to lynch him. For this, one of them got 10 days in jail. The others were never caught. Now... IANAL...but...isn't it true that, if the assailant that was identified had been threatened with a real sentence, he's also likely to have given up the names of the other assailants? This sentence just seems like utter madness to me...
   On the other hand, the activists (who sound like nice people) seem to have pushed for things like "implicit bias training" for teachers...which...also seems crazy to me. Not evil, like the other shit. But differently crazy. I don't see anything in the first story that indicates that implicit bias (among teachers, no less) is the problem. It's a case of overt, racially-motivated, assault and battery. What the hell good is it going to do to force a bunch of teachers--already mostly bleeding-heart liberals--into (pseudoscientific, incidentally) implicit bias training? TRACK DOWN THE DAMN ATTACKERS AND PUT THEIR ASSES IN JAIL FOR A LONG-ASS TIME. Isn't that a more direct and promising solution?
   Anyway. As nice and dedicated as the activists sound, PC pseudoscience isn't going to solve this kind of extremely straightforward legal problem. Re-education camp for the most liberal segment of the population isn't going to fix something that can only be fixed in very direct ways like isolating the psychopaths from the population and establishing incentives that will deter other psychopaths from doing something similar.
   But...mostly I just want to kick those guys asses who did the noose thing. WTF, man. I don't even.

[Well, if I'd done two seconds of Googling ahead of time, I'd have discovered that all the stuff about the noose and death threats is disputed by some of the witnesses, and wasn't mentioned at first by the victim. Nevertheless, there's still racial assholery aplenty afoot.]


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