Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cathy Young: "The Problem With Candice Owens"

I'm a fan of Cathy Young, but her argument here just isn't good. Owens might be motivated too much by self-interest. I don't know. I don't know her. But she's often right. And that's good enough for me. I'm not all that interested in her motives.
   In particular, Young's argument is weak when it comes to the Zoe Quinn issue. Quinn has a well-documented history of lying, cheating, and more-or-less stealing. She's a kook and a crook heroified by the forces that created the Gamergate-Was-A-Campaign-of-Misogyny fairly tale. It sounds to me like Owens is right, and Quinn was behind the faux right-wing anti-Owens harassment.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Um. Your post is at least as problematic as Young's article. Quinn has done nasty things in the past, ergo she is doing nasty things to this new individual, despite there being no evidence. And it sounds like Owen's antibullying initiative was really poorly thought out and deserved to fail, trolls or no trolls.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Dark Avenger said...

In August 2014 Eron Gjoni, a former boyfriend, posted a lengthy blog post detailing his relationship with Quinn. Based on the contents of the post, Quinn was falsely accused of receiving positive coverage from a journalist with whom she was in a relationship. It was later shown that the journalist in question had only once briefly mentioned Quinn's work, and not while they were in a relationship.[20][21] These accusations sparked the Gamergate controversy. Quinn suffered a long period of harassment including doxing, rape threats, and death threats.[22] Harassment associated with Gamergate resulted in widespread recognition of sexism in gaming.[23][24]ƫ_Quinn

You know how to pick em, Winston.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

LOOOOL, oh, DA...Wikipedia, really?

Come back when you have something serious. There's nothing there worth responding to.

If you every decide to look into this beyond Wikipedia (which is, among other things, *extremely* left-leaning on such issues), you might try investigating Owens' account of her interactions with Quinn...not to mention Quinn's clear history of bizarre lies.

As for the threats against Quinn--there may have been some real ones among the fabricated ones....I'd guess that there probably were.

9:34 AM  

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