Sunday, February 04, 2018

Progressives Continue To Eat Their Own: Bill Nye / SOTU Edition

So Bill Nye got props for the incoherent babble about gender on his t.v. show. Pretending that leftist sexual politics was science was something progressives were very much down with.
   But now he's gone too far by attending Trump's State of the Union Address.
   Which obviously means that he is totally anti-science.
   Here's an embarrassingly stupid, resolutely anti-scientific letter from 500 women scientists claiming...well...a bunch o idiotic things. Most notably that science can't/shouldn't be separated from left-wing politics. Neo-Lysenkoism in a fairly pure form.
   Despite propaganda to the contrary, the left has become way more anti-scientific than the right. It's also alarming to see how utterly clueless many scientists are about what makes science science.
   Honestly, I had to stop reading it. It's just an embarrassment.


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