Saturday, February 24, 2018

Missed Chances To Stop The Parkland Shooter

The local police knew he was crazy and obsessed with guns. The FBI notoriously dropped the ball despite alarming tips. The School security guard cowered outside while the murders were occurring. 
   Doesn't exactly inspire optimism.


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

A while ago I was creeping on this blog and found some of your old Bush/911 conspiracy theory posts. You said something along the line that 911 conspiracy theories are the result of misdirected anger at *actually* horrendous proceedings by the Bush administration.

I notice a something similar happening here. Some fringe conservatives are claiming that the shooting was staged by the gub'mint in an effort to push anti-gun legislation, blah blah blah. Some are taking a weaker position such that the gub'mint did not so much as stage the shooting as they instead *allowed it to happen* in an effort to push anti-gun legislation blah blah blah.

I think that both views are wrong (or lack sufficient evidence), but it highlights justified anger had by conservatives that the left is completely ignoring other factors that lead to mass shootings. We *should* be angry at the FBI and law enforcement, or at least we should be angry that the relevant procedures are not in place to stop these crimes. I mean, we often hear about how government surveillance is highly instrumental in stopping terrorism, but we get no such assurance in cases of mass shootings.

Sure, perhaps missing one mass shooting should not cause us to lose faith in the law enforcement institution, but if this keeps happening, we will only see greater polarization because it gives off the appearance that the FBI and the like are giving too much credence to anti-gun arguments by their very inaction.

Tl;dr fuck everyone

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